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Housekeeping Services

In our housekeeping services, front crew services are the backbone of maintaining an impeccable and organised environment. Our proficient front crew members are responsible for ensuring a clean, welcoming atmosphere for residents, guests, and employees. They oversee housekeeping schedules, manage cleaning staff, and promptly address any cleanliness concerns. Furthermore, they ensure that essential supplies are consistently stocked, contributing to the efficiency of housekeeping operations. Our front crew’s unwavering dedication to cleanliness and orderliness is instrumental in creating a comfortable and hygienic living or working space for all. Trust in their expertise to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and organisation in your facility through our housekeeping services.

Security Services

Our security services are bolstered by the essential role of our front-line crew services. These dedicated professionals are the first line of defence, ensuring a safe and secure environment. Our front crew operates access control points with precision, thoroughly screening visitors and employees while maintaining a welcoming demeanor. They constantly monitor surveillance systems, swiftly responding to any irregularities or alarms. In emergencies, our front crew plays a critical role in evacuations and crisis management, ensuring the safety of all occupants. Their continuous training and professionalism establish a strong security presence, deterring potential threats and offering reassurance. Our security services are backed by our exceptional front crew.

Property Management Services

Our property management services are fortified by the indispensable front-line crew services we offer. Our skilled front crew members serve as the face of your property, providing a warm and efficient welcome to residents, visitors, and tenants. They adeptly manage inquiries, scheduling, and communication, ensuring seamless operations. The front crew also oversees access control and security measures, promoting safety and peace of mind. They play a pivotal role in coordinating maintenance requests, handling tenant concerns, and managing common areas. With their professionalism and dedication, our front crew contributes significantly to the overall satisfaction of residents and the smooth functioning of your property, making our Property Management Services

Office Support Services

Office support services are elevated by our invaluable front-line crew services. Our front crew members are the welcoming faces of your office, offering a warm reception to visitors and ensuring a smooth flow of daily operations. They excel at managing incoming calls, scheduling appointments, and addressing inquiries with professionalism and courtesy. Additionally, they handle mail distribution efficiently and maintain a pristine reception area. Collaborating seamlessly with various departments, our front crew plays a pivotal role in coordinating office events and meetings. Their dedication to exceptional service leaves a lasting positive impression, contributing significantly to the overall office experience. Trust our front crew to enhance productivity.

Pest Control Services

Our pest control services extend beyond eradicating unwanted pests; they encompass the vital role of our front-line crew services. Our vigilant front crew members are trained to identify early signs of pest infestations, acting as the first line of defense. They promptly report concerns, schedule inspections discreetly, and provide valuable advice on preventive measures. Working in close collaboration with our pest control experts, they ensure a pest-free environment, minimising disruptions and potential health hazards. Our front crew’s commitment to maintaining a clean and safe space is a fundamental part of our pest control services, safeguarding your workspace, and ensuring peace of mind for all occupants.

M&E Services

Our M&E services are fortified by the crucial role of front crew services. Our front-line crew members are the linchpins in ensuring the seamless operation of mechanical and electrical systems within your facility. They are adept at promptly addressing maintenance requests, coordinating with technicians, and proactively preventing potential disruptions. Their vigilant monitoring of equipment and systems contributes to enhanced energy efficiency and safety. Our front crew’s expertise and customer-centric approach ensure that your facility’s infrastructure runs smoothly, minimising downtime and maximising operational efficiency. Trust in their dedication to M&E services to maintain a safe, efficient, and well-functioning environment for your organisation.

Disinfection Services

In our disinfection services, front-line crew services are paramount. Our dedicated front crew members are the first responders to creating a safe and sanitised environment. They diligently conduct regular disinfection routines, oversee the distribution of hygiene supplies, and assist in implementing stringent sanitation protocols. With their proactive approach, they help prevent the spread of harmful pathogens, ensuring a healthy workspace for everyone. Our front crew’s unwavering commitment to cleanliness and safety is a cornerstone of our disinfection services, providing reassurance to all occupants. Trust in their expertise to maintain a hygienic and secure environment that promotes well-being and peace of mind in your workplace.

Integrated Building Management System

 Building Management System (BMS) is a solution that provides a single point of control and monitoring for the building. This access to the sensors and assets of the building is provided through BuildTrack Kiosks or Smart Apps for practically everything in a building or campus – ranging from safety/security sensors to water tank level sensors, STP, energy meters, control of lighting, pumps and include access control, video surveillance and fire prevention systems, among others.In addition, building automation saves on preventive maintenance. So, while the average cost of a building management system is still high, the investment is recouped in just 3-8 years.